Week One Reflection

Learning to Love E-portfolios

The first two days of this class have been overwhelming, to say the least. As we’re not supposed to focus on that feeling in this particular post, I’ll do my best to stay away from the subject. However, the few goals I’ve accomplished so far this week correlate with that overwhelming feeling, so I suppose I’ll have to come back to it at some points. I’m excited so far at the progress I’ve made in the past two days–although I still have a long ways to go to catch up with my classmates. Thankfully my classmates and professor–from previous experiences–are kind, considerate, and helpful individuals whom I anticipate will help me improve upon my tech-naivete. I’m looking forward to becoming more comfortable with Blogger and possibly even expanding upon that to truly becoming creative with blogging in order to enhance my electronic portfolio. I love writing–done correctly, I imagine that reflecting upon and discussing one’s improvements on professional work could enjoyable.
Two days into the course I find myself less-intimidated than I was on Sunday afternoon but still farther behind than I would like to be at this point in my graduate school career. I’ve always strayed from technology-focused courses because I don’t enjoy working with computers all that much. While I might have enjoyed less stress over creating cascading style sheets than my interactive media minor friend, I find I have fallen prey to procrastination. Nevertheless, I trudge on and am enjoying studying my classmates’ blogs/portfolios and find myself eager to create something similar myself. My classmates are talented writers and designers (amongst other identities); their blogs/portfolios are attractive, and I have no doubt the electronic versions of their work will help them succeed in their future endeavors. With practice and determination I hope to someday have an electronic portfolio that mirrors my classmates’ creative achievements. Their current portfolios are not only creative but utilize many of the techniques we’ve learned about in NEC’s program. I’m looking forward to implementing what I’ve learned in the program into my own portfolio and blogs.
The last–and only–portfolio I created was my binder of best work completed between my freshman and junior years of college. This portfolio was created in order to gain placement in UD’s English department’s internship course. In 2010 the department was just beginning to talk about switching over to electronic portfolios; I, along with a few other professors and students, was part of the old-school mode of thinking that hard-copy portfolios beat electronic versions any day. I liked having a hard copy of a portfolio—its tangibility was comforting, and I felt professional and intelligent carrying a binder around, neither of which can occur with electronic portfolios. After viewing the videos and completing the readings required for this week’s module I’m beginning to understand the benefits of electronic portfolios. I may not be as quick to pick up the techniques and quirks unique to blogging and creating electronic portfolios, but I am excited to give the activities my best shot.

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