Week Two Reflection

Navigating Web 2.0

My second week in the course is going well—much smoother than I expected but no doubt the craziness will start up again soon. I spent about six hours on Saturday working on assignments for this class: watching Web 2.0 tutorials, uploading previous assignments to Dropbox, investigating the various tools available on WordPress.com. I am pleasantly surprised to note that—while perhaps not my favorite way to spend a weekend day—time went by fast on Saturday afternoon. At least I wasn’t ready to throw my computer onto the ground (no…I’ve never wanted to do that before over a graduate school assignment, I promise!). If the rest of the weekends between now and June 30th move as smoothly as this past one, I will be a happy young lady.

After navigating through some of the readings for this week’s assignments, I ultimately decided to host my e-portfolio on WordPress.com. I am a concrete learner; I need step-by-step instructions when learning a new concept; I follow a black-and-white philosophy towards learning that leaves little room for interpretation outside of literature. Salt Lake Community College’s video tutorials on creating a WordPress blog were just what my non-tech-savvy mind needed to create my first e-portfolio.

The host of the video tutorials explained the steps to creating an e-portfolio in a basic manner and slow tone that easily allowed even me—someone notorious in her undergraduate studies for struggling with computer literacy—to succeed in making my first web page. In addition, before this class even began I was partial to WordPress.com because one of my best friends—someone who, coincidentally enough, is the most computer-literate person I know—has a Christian poetry blog through the site. I figured in choosing WordPress, if I ran into trouble creating my e-portfolio, I would at least have someone to turn to in person.

I am relatively pleased with the development of my e-portfolio. Obviously some of the excitement comes from knowing I even have an e-portfolio, but more than that is excitement in learning—and successfully—implementing some of the technology WordPress.com users can utilize. I feel a great sense of peace knowing my professor is onboard with the way I hope to implement the design and content of my e-portfolio. As of now I intend to create one general e-portfolio that will display both my academic growth and my best content for marketing purposes. Now that I have a plan in mind and my professor’s support, I can truly concentrate on making the most of my e-portfolio.


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