Week Four Reflection

Digitzing an E-portfolio

Each week the assignments in PW 6950 bring about new skills for the students in the class. I’ve been dreading week four of this course: as mentioned in earlier posts, I am not technologically inclined, so an assignment dealing heavily on a student’s computer skills was not appealing to me. I knew coming into this week that I would have to plan ahead, allow for long periods of time on homework, and prepare for a challenging assignment. In addition to working on an assignment way out of my comfort zone, I was wary of this week’s intense workload because I am a maid of honor in a wedding this weekend. My feelings were justified: the homework load this week has kept me crazy busy, and I’m sure that feeling will intensify as the weekend comes along in all its wedding frenzy.

However heavy the homework load, I have still been productive on my assignments this week. The letters with pre-written questions to answer on my classmate’s rough drafts of portfolios were challenging and informative to write. I am planning on using my thoughts in the letters for a self-assessment of my own e-portfolio. In addition, the peer reviews from my professor and classmates provided excellent feedback on my rough draft. The detailed letters should allow for in-depth analysis of what I need to improve upon in my e-portfolio. Both my professor and classmates were critically positive in their reviews. I appreciated their honesty and supportive evaluation of my work. The points that came across all three reviews will definitely be added upon or edited as necessary for improvement in my e-portfolio.

Braving the idea of creating a digital narrative for my e-portfolio, yesterday I wrote my script with pleasant results and feedback from my classmates. I was originally unsure of where I wanted to go with this script: a personal story, an analysis of Pride and Prejudice (my favorite novel and movie of all time), a synthesis of why I love English? I needed something catchy, so I utilized the all-to-familiar question, “What do you want to be when you go grow up,” as a hook for how I became involved in educational professional writing programs. For the most part the script works; however, my astute classmate remarked that my comment about switching to professional writing from a secondary education major could hurt my appeal to employers because I recently became employed as a college professor. She’s absolutely right, and I will revise my script to reflect her comment. I continue to hesitate moving forward in the process of creating my digital narrative because I know the challenge of recording audio and merging text, graphics, and sound follows script writing. What looks to be in-depth directions on creating a digital narrative from Module Two’s folders will hopefully guide me through this process.


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