Q & A with Way With Words Part One: the Sunflower Awards Blogger Session

The Sunflower Awards

While browsing my favorite book-reviewing blogs today, I came across a post from Caitlin Santi at Just Your Average Reviews. Melanie, from Christian Bookshelf Reviews, nominated Caitlin’s blog for Sunflower Awards award for best new blog. In turn, Caitlin answered Melanie’s questions to help her readers get to know her better. As I follow both blogs, I decided to answer the questions, as well, as a thank you to those of you who follow my blog and a way to tell others about myself: my reading preferences, my favorite book covers, and more.

1. What’s the last book you bought? Mary Lu Tyndall’s Legacy of the Pirates series (yes, I bought them all). I have a ton of books on my TBR list, but she had such a great deal going on for the e-book versions that I couldn’t turn them down!

2. What’s the last movie you watched? Noah (2013), starring Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, and Douglas Booth. Unfortunately, I do not recommend this movie. As a Christian, I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the special effects and changes made to the Biblical portion of this story.

Letters from Grace3. What’s your all-time favorite book cover? How can I begin to choose? I have so many! But at the moment—and this will probably remain for some time—my favorite book cover is Rachel Muller’s Letter’s from Grace. A novel set during World War Two, this cover evokes all the emotions of the time period beautifully. From the soft pink cover (alright, I might be a bit biased towards this cover because pink is my favorite color), to the lilacs (symbolism), to the actor and actress’ expressions of longing, hope, faith, as well as their outfits, everything about this book cover shows perfection.

4. What’s your favorite summer activity, besides reading? Day trips with my mom into NYC for Broadway shows

5. What is one of the worst/most-boring movies you’ve seen? I thoroughly disliked Water for Elephants, so much so that I can’t even remember why I don’t like it. The book was a bit better but still not one I would read again or recommend to a friend.

6. If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would you choose? England! I’m an Anglophile for sure. I’d spend most of my time in London, but trips to Bath and Jane Austen hot spots are a must as well. I’d also want to visit Paris and Normandy. I love all things French, so Paris is requisite; but, I’m also a Word War Two history buff, and the Normandy beaches and cemeteries have been on my must-see list for quite some time.

7. What’s the last book that made you cry or laugh-out-loud? Lisa Wingate’s The Story Keeper had a few scenes involving best friends and a crazy chiuaua that actually made me laugh out loud. I loved Jen and her best in this story because the two girls spoke to each other as best friends in real life would—with all of the blunt honesty and caring love that two “sisters” have when they’ve been so close for so many years, which often means quirky quips and witty remarks.

 Of course, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows made me cry. I don’t usually lose myself to my emotions over movies or books, but even I couldn’t hold it together when Dobby was buried or when Harry visited his parents’ graves.

8. Do you have a favorite B&W movie? Cinema Paradiso—I’ve only seen the movie once—in high school—but I loved it and it made a strong impression upon me about artistic quality and symbolism in artistry.


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