Terri Blackstock on the Value of Romance Novels

Terri Blackstock quoteToday popular Christian fiction author Terri Blackstock visits Edgy Inspirational Romance to talk about the value of lessons readers can take away from romance novels.

Amongst Terri’s thoughts about the value of novels is her belief that readers can take away different ideas about the world around them when they are able to experience situations and emotions through the characters of their chosen reading material. “…books teach children empathy, to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, to be kind to people who are hurting. More than that, they teach us to see the pain of others,” says Blackstock.

Stop by Edgy Inspirational Romance today to read the rest of the article and learn about Twisted Innocence, Terri’s upcoming book. You can find Twisted Innocence  here.

Terri BlackstockTerri, a New York Times bestselling author, has been a successful novelist for over twenty-five years and believes her calling as a writer comes having her imagination as her best friend during the many years she moved and changed schools overseas as a child of an Air Force family. She writes suspense novels in which she weaves threads of hope that stem from her faith.


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