Giveaway! A Refuge at Highland Hall by Carrie Turansky

Dear reader friends,

Ahh, Wednesday, the day when we can officially begin counting down to the weekend. Isn’t that a lovely thought? Those mornings when don’t have to wake up to an alarm clock; those afternoons we can lazily while away the hours reading a good book or watching a movie? Well, I don’t have any movie suggestions for you at the moment, but I do a books–lots and lots of books, including one of my favorites of 2015 that I am so excited to share with you!

A Refuge at Highland Hall

A Refuge at Highland HallIn this third and final book in the Edwardian Brides Series, you’ll be swept away to England and France in 1915 as the Ramsey family and their staff and friends face the dramatic challenges and losses of World War One, yet they also experience the hope and triumph that comes as they put their trust in God to carry them through. Penny Ramsey helps the family welcome a group of orphaned children to Highland Hall, but she soon discovers caring for them is more difficult than she’d expected. She writes to Alex Goodwin, a daring British pilot, who chases German zeppelins across the sky over the Front Line in France, and longs for the day she will see him again. You’ll be delighted by two pure and heartwarming romances: Penny and Alex, and Lydia Chambers and Marius Ritter, a lady’s maid and a prisoner of war. But most of all I hope you’ll be inspired by the characters’ examples of trusting God through the trials they face.

Fans of “Downton Abbey” will find many of the same elements in this series: A wealthy, aristocratic family living on a large English country estate with romance, conflicts, and family drama; and loyal servants with troubles and heartaches of their own.

A Refuge at Highland Hall is one of my top-rated books of the year, with an average rating of 5 stars on Goodreads. Read my review to find out why this third novel in the Edwardian Brides series is one of my favorites of 2015.


WaterBrook Multnomah has graciously given me two copies of Carrie Turansky’s A Refuge at Highland Hall, and I want share them with you. For the purpose of this giveaway, please tell me why you enjoy historical fiction, especially stories set in Edwardian England. If you’ve never read historical fiction set during this time, tell me why you would like to read A Refuge at Highland Hall. Be sure to leave your name and email address so I can get in touch with you. This giveaway will run until Monday, October 19th, on which day I will email the winners. Good luck!


11 thoughts on “Giveaway! A Refuge at Highland Hall by Carrie Turansky

  1. I love historical fiction because it helps me to visualize an earlier era that encompases the grand manor houses & aristocracy plus the “below stairs” staff. I’ve read Carrie’s first book & looking forward to reading her 2nd one. It would be a joy to have this copy. She’s a wonderful writer who can weave together the elements of the society of the day with a Christian message.

    • Dear Johnnie,

      I agree with your thoughts about why we love historical fiction. The Edwardian time period is so different from what we experience in today’s modern world. It’s often hard to fully grasp what life during Edwardian (and earlier) times would be like. Fiction brings those times to life in a way that other research can not.

      Carrie is a wonderful writer–and a lovely person, as well! She’s gifted at bringing words on the page to life, and I love how she weaves in Christian messages of love, faith, hope, and redemption.

      Thanks for commenting! Hope to see you on further message posts.


  2. I enjoy reading/hearing about this time period. I think because it is always interesting to hear how people lived w/o all of our ‘modern’ conveniences. The lovely estates with servants…not something I have nor will I ever experience. And of course the downside…cleaning, heating and the yard work. Yikes! I have really enjoyed Downton Abbey especially the ‘upstairs/downstairs’ facet. Thank you for sharing. Here’s hoping to win Carrie’s book.

  3. Historical fiction allows us to relive a time long gone. They’re fascinating. Edwardian historicals are especially interesting because it was a time of change and yet still very ‘historical’ feeling. Our grandparents and great grandparents knew that era.
    Barbara Phinney

  4. I love Regency period fiction (think Julie Klassen) so I am sure I will also enjoy Edwardian, though I’m not sure the difference? Maybe the time period? I just love all the customs, traditions, etiquette, mannerisms and the such. Life seemed much simpler back then & the way men treated women was much more respectful & honorable. I also love reading about the traditional dances & all the debut balls to celebrate a young woman’s coming out to society & becoming of marriageable age. Everything was much more elegant and regal 🙂 Or at least the books I’ve read are!
    Thank you for the chance to win a copy of “A Refuge at Highland Hall”. Sounds like a great book!

    teamob4 (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. Hi! Loving your blog. 🙂 I like historical fiction because it allows you imagine the past in a very real way. I especially enjoy Edwardian England/Regency novels because it’s all so grand and exciting. Not only do I like historical books, I will usually check out movies/tv series in that time period/region as well (like Downton Abbey!!). This giveaway is so fun–thanks for the chance! 🙂

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