2015 Fiction Favorites

2015 is rapidly approaching its end, and soon those of us with reading challenges for the year will celebrate the completion of another year of books. This has been a year of truly fantastic fiction: newly published authors have shared beautiful stories, smaller publishing houses published quality fiction, and many authors crossed lines to write fiction different from their usual genres. If fiction is a form of escapism, 2015 provided a plethora of worlds for readers to escape to.

This past year has been an unusually busy for me–a new job, a new city, new friends and my first apartment. One constant through all these changes was my books, which in spite of all the moving and changes I made certain to make time for.

Below are my favorite books of 2015. Books filled with romance and history, drama and redemption, but most of all, love: of God, of faith, of family, of friends, and of country. Links to each review are within the picture.

Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, reader friends!

The Lost HeiressThe Thorn BearerHearts Made Wholea noble masqueradeA Refuge at Highland Hall

through waters deep SurrenderedOne Enchanted Christmas   Catch of a Lifetime


2 thoughts on “2015 Fiction Favorites

  1. Honored. So honored to be on this list. Thank you, Marisa, for you kindness, encouragement, and shared-excitement (not to mention your beautiful reviews, love for Killion and Austen, and willingness to put up with my writing-crazy brain 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for including A Refuge at Highland Hall on your 2015 favorite list! That’s a real encouragement to me. Thank you for your kind reviews and help in spreading the word about my books. Several of my favorites are on your list! Great minds must think alike! : )

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