Excitement for 2016 Christian Fiction Releases

In about seven hours the new year will ring in, and a new year of reading will be born. My 2015 to-read list consisted of about eighty books, of which I read about half. I was disappointed with my inability to read all of those eighty books, so for the new year I committed myself to cutting down on my to-read list. Friends, it’s still too long–and my to-read list will always be too long. So in an effort to not overwhelm you (and me) with a plethora of titles to look over, this post will house the books to be published in 2016 that I am most excited about. Like, jump up-and-down, wait outside in the pouring rain for the store to open excitement. No doubt I will find more books to add the list as the year progresses (I am a bibliophile, after all!), but here are books I sincerely hope you will consider reading because the authors–and their stories–are truly fabulous.

Happy New Year and happy reading!

ReluctantDuchess_mck.inddGiver of Wonders12141649_10207821471475424_6414826805133351175_nA Twist of Faith

Anchor in the Storm

Undaunted HopeAn Elegant FacadeClose to You

From This Moment    The Beautiful PretenderA Spy's Devotion   The Bachelor Girl's Guide to Murder








With This RingCourageousDawn at EmberwildeHer One and OnlyLike Never Before








The Ringmaster's Wife12068807_1124677164210820_3730471026328748365_oThe Cowboy's Bride CollectionThe California Gold Rush Romance CollectionAusten in Austin 1








2016 fiction I want to read but books do not yet have covers:

A Lady Unrivaled by Roseanna M. White

The Inkeeper of Ivy Hill by Julie Klassen

The Cautious Maiden by Dawn Crandall

The Marked Mademoiselle by Jocelyn Green

Austen in Austin Volume 2 novella collection

A Lesson in Love and Murder by Rachel McMillan



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