Graduate Study at New England College

new england college

 Master of Arts in Professional Writing Program

The Master’s of Arts in professional program at New England College gives students an opportunity to enhance their writing and editorial skills in a setting that depends heavily upon student-professor-peer reviews of written work. This program allows students to create a comprehensive representation of their professional writing and editorial work amongst the traditional and new media. Upon completion of this program students will understand: theories of professional writing that influence writers’ rhetorical choices, audience analysis that influences writing styles and choices, and strategies that produce effective communication.

Program director Mark Watman says on the program’s website that, “Master of Arts in Professional Writing program coursework integrates the theoretical foundations of rhetoric, communication and professional practice with continuous skill development. Each course asks students to apply their knowledge of skills and writing and editing to cutting-edge communication challenges. Students also gain an understanding of the various jobs in the field.”

The following list shows the classes NEC requires students to complete for a Master of Arts in professional writing:

PW 5000: Professional Writing and Rhetoric

PW 5010: Research Methods

PW 5020: Editing in the Professions

PW 5400: Writing for the Media and Public Relations

PW 5500: The New Media

PW 6500: Business and Technical Communications

PW 6005: Special Topics in Professional Writing

PW 6950: Portfolios in Professional Writing

PW 7100: Capstone in Professional Writing


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