PW 5600: Business and Technical Communication

From the PW 5600 syllabus: “The course is designed to cover the purposes and styles of business and technical writing and to offer students a variety of focused writing exercises structured around scenarios or actual work situations.”

Archiving Directions

The successful completion of following directions depends heavily on a professional writer’s ability to match their writing style with the audience’s level of understanding. For the assignment below, I wrote a set of directions on how to archive documents per the guidelines of my employer, QPS, LLC. As a specialist in the Archives department, my responsibilities have increased steadily in recent months. Currently the company does not have a manual for employees new the department. I took it upon myself to make this assignment twofold: not only did I submit this assignment to my instructor, but I also advocated for its use at QPS, LLC to show I am employee who takes initiative in her job and knows how to apply her education in real-life contexts .

Job Analysis, Cover Letter, and Resume

To successfully gain a potential employer’s attention, a person seeking a job must utilize their skills, education, and experience in the most effective way possible. Writing a job analysis helps a person understand exactly why they are attempting to obtain a certain position, as well as how and why they are the suitable for the position. Writing an effective cover letter is an essential skill for everyone in the job market but one that is often overlooked by those seeking employment. Text in these documents must be crisp, clear, and, most importantly, short. Cover letters that follow this format will grab employers’ attention and display the applicants talents in a short amount of time. Resumes display applicants’ experience, education, skills, and interests. A well-written resume will convey the aforementioned subjects and an applicant’s intent on finding a good job.

Presentation Proposal

Persuasion is a skill that comes with practice many times over. To be able to persuade someone to a belief, goal, or outcome, a writer must convey not only the desired outcome but that the supporting facts and figures are worthy of the reader’s attention. This proposal is a persuasive document that conveys a (fictional) desire to visit a New England College English 101 class to discuss the skills, education, and experience students should have to obtain a professional writing career.


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