PW 7100: Capstone in Professional Writing

From the PW 7100 syllabus:

“The culminating project for the Master of Arts in Professional Writing program will be the completion of a Master’s thesis or Capstone Project. This will be an original document that involves research based upon methodologies learned in the Research Methods course and may take a variety of forms such as a major research paper that contributes to the scholarship within the field of Professional Writing, or an experiential writing project on a subject that reflects audience-centered design principles in any relevant form (websites, blogs, trade articles, etc.).”

PW 7100 is divided into four one-credit courses that focus on various aspects of creating a thesis or Capstone project. During these course students focus creating the beginning, middle, or ending states of their theses or projects. Peer reviewed documents and whole-class discussion posts help students create, revise, and polish the sections, which eventually are merged into one comprehensive thesis or project at the culmination of PW 7100. The documents below are comprised of certain sections that I believe display my knowledge, understanding, and skills in professional writing.

Audience and Publications

Thesis and Purpose Statement

Mini-Chapters 1-3


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