PW 5020: Editing in the Professions

From the PW 5020 syllabus, ” The course is designed to introduce students to the concepts and methods of editing professional-quality documents. Students will be exposed to the writing and editing standards and etiquette found in a variety of disciplines, including editing for business and organizations. Comprehensive editing processes will be developed and students will gain the skills needed to work in copyediting.”

PW 5020– in my opinion, one of the best courses in NEC’s professional writing program–is an intensive course designed to help graduate students master all editorial skills. Students are familiarized with editorial levels, publishing conventions, writer-editor relationships, voice, style manuals, and many other processes associated with an editor’s work. Students work interactively on editorial projects through Group wikis; write weekly blogs on editorial processes and conventions; and complete a copyediting test, among other participatory and assignment requirements.

Listed below are assignments I believe demonstrate my editorial skills and competencies.

EDITORIAL MARKUP: demonstrate my capabilities in various levels of editing 

Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Numbers

Assessing the Editorial Job

Editing Test

Spelling, Hyphenation, and Capitalization

BLOGS and WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS: demonstrate my comprehension of editorial practices, processes, and relationships

Editor’s Role Essay

Final Reflection Essay 

PW 5020 Bibliography


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