PW 5000: Professional Writing and Rhetoric

From the PW 5000 syllabus:

This foundational course is designed to introduce students to the MA in Professional Writing program, and specifically to the historical and rhetorical background of professional writing. Students will explore professional writing’s emergence as a distinct field of scholarship that is firmly grounded in a rhetorically-centered approach to understanding communication. Throughout this inquiry students will study the theories, history, and concepts of professional writing in relation to professional writing practices and situations. Students will also start the process of maintaining a working electronic portfolio they will keep throughout the program in preparation for the final portfolio course.

This course was a favorite of mine from NEC’s MA in professional writing program. I previously took at rhetoric course while studying at UD; I enjoyed the subject but found it challenging and did not feel competent within the material upon graduation. The enjoyment I found from taking part in this class and positive feedback I received from my fellow students and professor on my assignments are a testament to my growth as a student of rhetoric and professional writer.

Below are the four writing projects students in PW 5000 must complete in order to pass the course.

Writing Project One: Defining rhetoric within a specific scenario

Deshaies_Module One Writing Project

Writing Project Two: Creating a manifesto that discusses technical writers as organizational change agents

Deshaies_Module Two Writing Project_ Final

Writing Project Three: Whole level revision that focuses upon the textual and visual language of a document that is to persuade an audience towards a certain idea or action.

Deshaies Module Three Writing Project_Final

Writing Project Four: Discussion of rhetorical and ethical choices through an examination of a memorandum written by a former member of the Nazi party.

Deshaies_Free Choice Writing Project


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