PW 6950: Portfolios in Professional Writing

From the PW 6950 syllabus, “All students must complete portfolios of professional quality as part of the requirements for the Professional Writing Program. Portfolios will include the best, revised, and most-finished original work students have completed while in the Professional
Writing Program (which may include work completed outside of this program). Student portfolios should include writing from an assortment of genres and should demonstrate versatility as well as depth.”

As this electronic portfolio suffices as the project for this course, all pages contained in the portfolio should be considered by viewers as work completed for my portfolio. Please also click the links below to view blog entries created for weekly assignments for this course. The blog entries may also be viewed by clicking on the PW 6950 Blog link on the top bar of the portfolio.

PW 6950 Week One Blog

PW 6950 Week Two Blog

PW 6950 Week Three Blog

PW 6950 Week Four Blog


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