PW 5010: Research Methods

PW 5010: Research Methods teaches students to successfully choose a topic for discussion; research and choose sources for supporting evidence of the applicable argument; analyze and interpret data; and communicate data and statistics in a written manner to audiences.

Research Proposal

In PW 5010, students study research methods and subsequently research, analyze, and write about sources and chosen methods that will support the argument they wish to pursue for their NEC Capstone Project. The research propsal students submit at the end of the course contains an introduction, purpose statement, research questions, thesis statement, defense of methodology, anticipated ethical considerations, and a literature abstract. Students complete each section individually, which gives them a thorough understanding of each section’s importance to the final proposal before a comprehensive document is completed. Professional writers must know how to complete a research proposal before entering the workforce because emphasis on creating, researching, writing, and developing scholarly research is an extensive part of the industry. NEC graduate professional writing students’ research proposals must be accepted by the program director before students can begin their Capstone projects.


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