PW 5400: Writing for the Media and Public Relations

From the PW 5400 syllabus, “This course focuses on understanding the basic concepts, skills, and practices of writing for the media and public relations. Communication protocols that involve the media are covered and specific writing tasks such as writing for television, print, and radio are covered.”

PW 5400 is a course that engages students  in tasks that stretch their professional writing skills with assignments requiring formatting, audience analysis, layout and design, and style not previously utilized in basic writing courses. Much of the emphasis in this course is placed on students’ comprehension and writing skill in gaining audiences’ attention is the shortest amount of time allowed per assignment specification. Students are taught to write descriptively, succinctly, and appropriately per audience needs. PW 5400 is an excellent course in NEC’s professional writing program because it exposes students to a variety of writing pathways that widen their potential career opportunities.

Media Kit

The media kit I created for PW 5400 is a package of documents promoting Saint Margaret of Scotland Roman Catholic Church’s Saint Vincent de Paul Society. A religious organization that advocates for the poor and needy, Saint Margaret’s SVdP Society was the perfect choice to promote through the media kit because the society only exists through the goodwill of others. In order for that goodwill to come about, Saint Margaret’s parishioners must first become aware of SVdP Society’s needs. Documents in the media kit teach readers about the many services, statistics, and needs of the Society.

Personality Profile MKH

Personality profiles, written as a sort of mini-biography on a the author’s selected person, discuss a person’s achievements, background, education, employment, and other personal information the interviewee has chosen to share with audiences. A writer completing a personality profile has the dual responsibilities of reporting all necessary and important information about the interviewee, as well as writing that information in a compelling tone and style that will engage readers. Using a conversational tone, descriptive language, and supportive personal details, I wrote a personality profile on Mary Haggard, reverend at Newark United Methodist Church and head of the University of Delaware’s Wesley Foundation Campus Ministry. This piece is one of my favorite written works because I am proud of how I stretched myself as a writer to meet audience needs, do Mary’s accomplishments justice, and convey my feelings of appreciation and pride of being a part of Wesley.

Saint Vincent de Paul Clothing Drive VNR

A video news release (VNR) captures information to be told to audiences through multimedia outlets. In addition to the text intended to be a spoken, a script for a VNR also describes the intended settings, actions, characters, props, music, and movements needed to make the news come alive for a listener or viewers. For the above-listed assignment, I wrote a script for a VNR to be released over the radio that promotes an SVdP-sponsored clothing drive. I really enjoyed writing this script: imagining the non-textual elements of a project was different, and ensuring that the text was crisp, concises, and entertaing was a a fun challenge to my writing abilities.


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