Welcome to my website!

marisa-deshaies-HR-2My name is Marisa Deshaies. I am passionate about the written word and hope to convey my love of language, communication, and writing through my various pursuits as a professional writer and editor. I began my writing and editorial career in 2007 as an undergraduate of the University of Delaware’s English major, with a concentration in professional writing. After graduating in 2011, I gained a full-time position as an archivist for a pharmaceutical company and shortly afterwards joined New England College’s Master of Art’s in professional writing program. I began teaching as an adjunct instructor of introductory college courses at Cecil College in June 2013 and graduated from the NEC’s program in December 2013. In January of 2014 I added book reviewer to my list of professional writing titles. I love reviewing books and hope you will, for pleasure or profession, read a few of my reviews.

Please click the following link to watch a short digital narrative of my journey into the professional writing world.

This website holds what I consider to be my best work from educational and professional careers. Please feel free to peruse the pages and contact me at deshaies89@gmail.com regarding any questions you have about my work or professional writing, editing, and promotional services I offer. I hope to hear from you soon!

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