marisa-deshaies-HR-2Welcome to my website! I’m Marisa — an editor, fiction coach, and book reviewer who uses my way with words to do the following:

*Work with authors to build solid stories with round characters, deep themes, lyrical writing, and unique voices

*Help authors refine their writing craft

*Teach authors the finer points of grammar,  mechanics, style, deep point of view, and more

Whether you’re a pre-published author searching for someone to edit your manuscript before you pitch to an agent or you’re a published author searching for the right editor to help you cross the line to independent publishing, I appreciate you considering me for your venture. Thank you for visiting my website!

Official Bio:

Marisa Deshaies is an editor of Christian historical and contemporary fiction and non-fiction as well as general market fiction. A lover of all-things bookish and publishing, she revels in the literary musings of authors who write of the past and present through faith-driven stories. She holds a B.A. in English (concentration in professional writing), an M.A. in Professional Writing, and is certified in editing through the Christian PEN. Novels she’s edited have been nominated for the Selah and INSPY Awards.

Marisa has worked at all levels of editing–as a Managing Editor of a contemporary romance imprint, to developmental editor, to line and copy editor. She has coached new and experienced authors to craft their writing to deliver memorable characters, deeply moving stories, thought-provoking themes, and beautiful words that touch readers’ souls. She believes in a firm, gentle, and encouraging approach to the editor-author relationship and enjoys forming those relationships with whom she works.

When she’s not editing books or working at her communications day job in the insurance  industry, Marisa can be found among the numerous piles of books crowding her apartment. She lives voraciously through historical fiction set amidst various periods in Europe and the romantic contemporary stories of the present. She dreams of visiting English castles, walking the banks of the River Seine, and exploring ancient European ruins. She is a proud Blue Hen and Delaware girl.

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