Book Reviews and FTC Disclaimer

An avid reader and writer, one perfect way for me to use my skills is through book reviewing.  I currently review books for multiple publishing houses and reviewing sites, and I also work directly with authors to read and review their upcoming novels.


  • contemporary/historical general market and Christian fiction
  • contemporary/historical general market and Christian romantic fiction
  • women’s literature & “chick lit”
  • young adult (at my discretion)

*Note that I do not accept solicitations for erotica, fantasy, or children’s books. Thank you!

I love to connect with authors, so please write me through my contact page if you would like to discuss reviewing opportunities.


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires by law that reviewers include a disclosure for reviewing books that have been given to readers for free. This disclosure eliminates any chance of readers considering that a reviewer has written a positive review for anything less than pure honesty. FTC law wants this disclosure to ensure that all readers understand reviewers have been given the book for the purpose of a truthful review regardless of the publishers or authors giving the book away for free.

The following are my statements in regards to an FTC disclaimer:

  • This website is my personal space to connect with readers, authors; writers; bloggers; industry professionals; and employers. I run this website, and all writing and editing is done on my own time and and from my own hands only.
  • All information, views, expressions, and opinions shared on A Way With Words are mine alone, created and expressed by myself of my own accord, through experience and education.
  • All books reviewed on this blog are either from my personal collection (reviewed by my own choice) or given to me by a publishing company or reviewing site for the purposes of reviewing the book.
  • Any book I review on A Way With Words, reviewed by my own choice or otherwise, will be reviewed in an honest and unbiased manner.
  • I receive no compensation in exchange for any reviewing or promotional services offered to authors/publishing houses/publicity companies.
  • All book reviews posted on this blog are my property and copyrighted to myself, unless otherwise stated.



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