Purpose and passion drive everything we do. Each action we take, each conversation we hold, each choice we do or do npurpose and passionot make is based off how we feel at a given time about a particular subject. Passion gives us excitement: the deeper we feel about a subject the more we want to learn about it and the more animated we become over it. Purpose pushes us to give our absolute best efforts towards achieving a goal. These two values are essential to people living fullfilled lives; only when we are passionate and have purpose in everything we do will be able to give everything we have–mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally–to a positive end result.

As for me, my passion is the written word and my purpose is to reach others through that language. I am a self-confessed bibliophile: my medium through which I hope to reach others with the written word is a book. Barnes and Noble is my favorite store–the dark paneling of the bookshelves, the walls upon walls of shelves, and the sight of book-lovers sitting in the Starbucks cafe reading their latest purchases all bring a smile to face. I can imagine nothing more satisfying than seeing a book I contributed to–through writing or editorial work–come off the presses for publication. Through language we have the opportunity to educate, heal, inspire, inform, and bring laughter to others. Whether I am the one creating the content or preening the text before publication, I aspire to reach others through the crispest language possible.

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Please see the responses below for insight into my professional conduct, beliefs, and values guidelines.

  • What are my strengths? How do I perform?

My strengths are in copyediting, substantive editing, and analytical writing. In conjunction with these strengths, I perform as a reader and I learn through writing and dialog. I enjoy learning through reading text: whether in novel, textbook, or the new media, I learn best by reading text directly in front of me amd absorbing the information through reviewing it over and over in my mind and on paper. Physically writing the material down on paper impresses the information in my mind, while discussing the material with others gives me a chance to understand new ways of thinking about the information. I first heard of different styles of learning in high school: I struggled in science class because my teacher was talker who did not allow sufficient time for knowledge retention of the material. As a reader, I did not do well in his class because I didn’t have time to read over and absorb the material he taught in class. Eventually my mother, an elementary school teacher, met with the high school administration to defend the case that I should be switched to another class because my learning style didn’t match my current teacher’s teaching style. That was ten years ago and I’ve never forgotten the term ‘concrete learner’.

  • What are my values?

I value everything that the Bible teaches Christians to be as followers of Jesus, which truly plays the biggest part of my success in whatever career I hold. If I am to follow Drucker’s suggestion of answering, “What do I want to see in the mirror?” I must follow the values instilled in the Bible: do unto others as I would have them do unto me, trust in God’s path for me, keep Him first in everything I do (very important in a career), serve others, be humble, patient, and modest, and most of all, love others.

All of these values are easily followed in the workplace if I make an honest effort to do so.  For example, currently I am not in a career that I am passionate about, which is very frustrating because I love what I someday hope to do. However, to make sure that I am giving my best work to my employer, I am patient with my current work, and trust that God will place me in the right career at the right time. Acting in this manner helps me to always serve others even when I am bored at my work or unsatisfied with the lack of opportunity to grow in my professional career. In addition, when coworkers act in unkind manners, I try my best to follow God’s examples from the Bible so that I don’t wander down the wrong path. Keeping Him first helps me focus solely on my job and His calling for me without letting unsavory behavior overtake my long-term goals.

  • Where do I belong?

I belong somewhere that allows for employee growth, career exploration, and knowledge expansion. I belong somewhere that embraces change and new possibilities. I prefer a setting that allows employees to focus solely on their own work—I am definitely a loner in that aspect of my career—and then follow up with discussion, analysis, and collaboration with coworkers. I am social but private and function best in small settings that allow for inter-personal communication and family-oriented business. I thrive best in settings that challenge me in my knowledge, allow me to constantly learn new material and improve upon my skills, and keep my values at the forefront of my job.

  • What should I contribute?

I need to contribute to the team my best possible work; kindest, supportive, and most loving attitude towards my coworkers; and motivation to constantly strive for improvement in the job I hold and for the business as a whole.

  • What are my responsibilities for relationships?

My responsibilities for relationships are to always help others remember their value as human beings—to themselves, to their families, to the community, and to their coworkers. I want to motivate others to always strive to do their personal best at work; helping them achieve their best at work, however, only comes when I see them first and foremost as a valuable human being with emotions and value the world, so I always want to be available as a confidante and friend at work (at the appropriate time and place). In addition, I have a responsibility to remember that everyone has their own learning and working styles that may differ from my own but are equally as valuable to the business as my own are.

  • What will the second half (or next phrase) of my life be?

The second half of my life comprises my utilizing my writing and editorial skills for volunteer purposes. In particular, I enjoy lending my services to people at my church: for example, writing the weekly youth group updates for the church bulletin and editing a fellow parishioner’s creative non-fiction book.


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