Week Three Reflection


The third week of the course is moving along nicely for me. The focus of the week being reflection, I  find the workload pleasently fulfilling because the assingments offer a chance for students to really contemplate their progress in the course. My progress on my e-portfolio continues to surprise me. While I am not as far along as some of my classmates in Web 2.0 technology, I am becoming more and more comfortable with WordPress–enough so that I am able to quickly maneuver through the regular movements and should be able to adventure out to more flashy additions of webpages.

I am in the final stages of having rough draft course and assignment descriptions, along with assignment reflections, for each of the documents I am posting on my e-portfolio. Some of these descriptions are more thorough than others; certain courses were easier to write about, while some assignments proved easier to reflect upon than others. In some cases I was able to provide more background into the value of final product, and in other cases I was able to describe the product in relation to its necessity in professional writing. I set up the course pages differently depending on the amount of text I provided for each assignment.

Some of the pages begin with a course description and reflection, and are followed by the assignments. Other pages have assignment reflections under the corresponding link, with a course description at the top of the page. I hope to have my peers review the page layouts and designs, with emphasis on design and layout preference and comments on consistency. In the coming weeks I would like to play with graphics, fonts, and pictures to make sure my pages are not too text heavy.


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